Software Development
+ Technical Management

Trinity IT offers a wide range of experience in software development, deployment and support for fielded systems. Our team combines extensive expertise in software architecture, design, development, testing, delivery and support with a very practical technical management approach. The corporate industry experience covers the Department of Defense (DoD) Community and Inventory Management Systems.


Software Development and Support

Our team has extensive experience with application architecture, design, development, maintenance and support.  Trinity IT understands the importance of mature technologies, while balancing capabilities enabled by newer technologies.   Our staff attends technical training seminars to keep pace with the rapid changes across IT.

Specialized Training

Our training staff includes certified instructors, as well as classroom experience.  Training is performed by first observing and learning what the students need from the IT system.  The training is then tailored to show how the systems can be used to become more efficient in performing daily tasks.

System Administration

Our system administrators are CompTIA certified, and are dedicated to the continuous operation of the servers supporting operations.  The system administrators share learning experiences and continue to strive for customer satisfaction.